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The World Series of Golf is a hole-by-hole hit and bet, no limit amateur prize tournament that is played on a professional 18-hole golf course in accordance with its specific rules of play. A playing group consists of three to six players and each player begins the round with a stake of one million dollars in chips. Before teeing off for each hole, each player bets an ante. On the first hole of the opening round the ante starts at 1% of the opening stake for the round (e.g. $10,000) and doubles every three holes. After the tee shots, players then check, raise or call bets, or fold and do not play the rest of that hole. The betting follows a prescribed order that rotates on each hole, just like "the button" in Hold 'em. Playing of shots follows the same order, unlike traditional golf where the player whose ball is furthest from the hole shoots first. The pot is won by the player with the lowest score on each hole, or by the remaining player if all others have folded. A tie score on a hole ("halved" in match-play parlance) results in a split pot, much like a tie hand in poker.

If a player does not have enough money remaining in their stake to cover the ante for the next hole, he or she is eliminated and the remaining stake goes into the pot for the next hole. The round ends when one player has won all the money from the others in his group, which may take more than 18 holes.

Aside from rule variations involving betting and the order in which players take their shots, the event is played under standard United States Golf Association rules.

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1  $73, 000
2  $45, 000
3  $24, 000
4  $14, 000
5  $11, 500
6  $  9, 000
7  $  8, 000
8  $  7, 000
9  $  6, 000
10  $  5, 500
11  $  5, 000
12  $  4, 500



 2014-2015 Schedule



September 2014 Mohegan Sun
November 2014 South Florida
February 2015 Arizona
March 2015 Texas
April 2015 Nevada
May 2015 Chicago
June 2015 North Carolina
July 2015 North Florida
August 2015 California
September 2015 Mohegan Sun


*Champions and International Tournaments will be announced soon!

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World Series of Golf

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